Understanding Licenses for the vGW Series

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License Requirements

To enable the vGW Series, you must:

The presence of an entitlement license key determines whether you can use a feature. For information about how to purchase software licenses for vGW Series features, contact your Juniper Networks sales representative.

vGW Series Licenses

You can purchase licenses for the following vGW Series components:

Starting with two licenses, the number of licenses that you can purchase increases incrementally, depending on the license package. For Security VMs, HA, and IDS, and AntiVirus, licenses come in packages of 2, 10, 20, and upwards. You can also purchase a license for unlimited CPU sockets for each feature.

For all features except IDS and AntiVirus, licenses are perpetual. For IDS and AntiVirus, licenses are subscription-based. You can purchase a license for one year or for three years.

Evaluation Licenses

You can use an evaluation license to explore vGW Series product. The evaluation product is fully functional, and it has an embedded thirty-day license. The evaluation license enables you to use all vGW Series features. If you require a longer term license, contact your sales representative.

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