Updating vGW Security VMs in Batch Mode

This topic explains how to update vGW Security VMs as a group in batch mode.

When you update vGW Security VMs in batch mode, you can run the updates immediately or schedule them to run later.

To set up the system to update vGW Security VMs in batch mode:

  1. In the vGW Security Design VM Settings module, navigate to the Application Settings section. Select the Updates section.
  2. In the Security VM Batch Updates pane, enter the Custom Product version.
  3. Select the check boxes for the vGW Security VMs that you want to update.
    You can select all of them at once.
  4. If you want the updates to run when the ESX/ESXi host is in Maintenance mode, select the conditions:
    • Always, in which case logs are not lost
    • As needed, for kernel driver updates only
    • Never
  5. Specify when to run the batch update process, using the Start Time option buttons.
    • To begin the batch update process immediately, select Now. Click Schedule Update.
    • To schedule the batch update, select Later.
      1. Enter a start date and a start time.
      2. Optionally, enter an end time.

        If you specify an end time, the vGW Series completes any update that is in progress when the end time is reached. However, it will not begin any new vGW Security VM updates.

      3. Optionally, enter an e-mail account to which an update status message is sent when the update either completes or is interrupted.

        If you specify an e-mail address for Status email, a message is sent ito the recipient reporting on the vGW Security VMs that were updated and those that are pending.

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