Understanding the vGW Series Backup and Restore Feature

Network and security groups at many companies typically backup and restore configurations for their hardware device systems. In fact for many organizations configuration backup is part of required configuration management practices.

To address this requirement for virtualized devices, the vGW Series includes a feature that allows you to back up your vGW Security Design VM configuration to a file store. When it is necessary, you can easily restore one of your backup versions.

You can run a modified version of the installation wizard that allows you to skip configuration settings that are backed up. After you run the installation wizard and log into the vGW Security Design VM, you can specify the vGW Security Design VM backup configuration to use from your backup location with minimal effort.

For details on how to configure settings for the backup and restore feature, see Configuring the vGW Series Backup and Restore Feature.

If the vGW Security Design Center VM configuration that was backed up used a static IP address, the restored version of it has the same IP address. In this case, agents can begin to communicate with the restored vGW Security Design VM immediately after it is started.

The vGW Series backs up and restores the following content:

Note: All source tables are backed up except those for connections, alerts, and idp_alerts. You can use other vGW Security Design VM features to back up this information.

The vGW Security Design VM backup-and-restore feature allows you to:

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