Using the OVA Single File Method to Integrate the vGW Security VM with VMware

This topic explains how to download and deploy a non-bundled OVA file containing the vGW Security VM.

To download an OVA file containing the vGW Security VM and deploy it:

  1. Load the OVA file for the vGW Security VM using the VMware cSphere vSphere Client (File > Deploy OVF Template), and insert the template name vGW-SVM-Template in the Deploy from file or URL box. For example, specify c:\temp\vGW-SVM-Template.ova.
  2. Select the appropriate options for your environment in each of the steps presented by the Virtual Appliance Wizard.

    Configure the host/cluster, resource pool, and so on, that is appropriate for your environment.

    When you are asked for network mapping information, accept the default settings. The vGW Series automatically configures these settings later.

  3. When the Virtual Appliance Wizard completes, right-click the resulting VM and select Convert to Template.

    You can use the resulting template to automate installation of vGW Security VMs on ESX/ESXi hosts to secure parts of your virtual network. The vGW Security Design VM and installer require the template to instantiate the vGW Security VM on hosts to be secured.

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