Using the OVA Single File Method to Integrate the vGW Security Design VM with VMware

This topic explains how to download and deploy a single OVA file containing the vGW Security Design VM.

To download an OVA file containing the vGW Security Design VM appliance and deploy it:

  1. Download the Juniper Networks vGW OVA file.
  2. Navigate to the Juniper Networks Support page.
  3. Select Download Software from the Support box in the left column.
  4. Select vGW (Altor) in the Security pane.
  5. Select the Software tab.
  6. Click Security Design vGW 5.0, and log in to the site to download the file.
  7. Load the OVA file for the vGW Security Design VM using the vSphere 4.x client (File > Deploy OVF Template), and enter the name of the OVA download file in the Deploy from fle or URL box.

    For example, enter: c:\temp\SecurityDesignvGW.ova.

  8. Follow the Virtual Appliance Wizard process, and select the appropriate options for your environment.
  9. Click Finish to download the files and integrate the vGW Security Design VM with the VMware infrastructure.

    After the vGW Security Design VM import process is completed, you must add a virtual hard disk for it.

    Note: This step is not required for the bundled approach because it is done automatically.

  10. Add a disk to be used as the datastore:
    1. Select vGW Security Design VM.
    2. Select the Summary tab, and click Edit Settings > Add a Hard Disk virtual device.

      This disk is used for the database that stores network connection records and firewall logs. Select a network access storage (NAS) device so that vMotion can be used to migrate the data store.

      The default disk size is 8.0 GB. In a typical environment that includes 5 to 10 ESX/ESXi hosts, a database of this size can accommodate data accumulated over several months.

      For your environment you might want to deploy a database larger than 8.0 GB. Note that you can increase the database size later if you find that the current space is not adequate. The disk should not be thin-provisioned.

  11. Power on the vGW Security Design VM.

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