Understanding the vGW Security VMs Settings

The Settings module of the vGW Security Design VM contains a Security VMs Settings section that allows you to view in one place settings configured for all deployed vGW Security VMs.

From this screen, you can also select an individual vGW Security VM to change its configuration, configure a secondary vGW Security VM for high availability, and override global settings.

Tip: You can also navigate to this screen from the Status section of the Main module. To do so, in the Status of Security VMs pane, click the row of a vGW Security VM.

The Security VMs pane at the top part of the screen includes a table with rows for each deployed Security VM, showing the following information:

To display a pane that allows you to see detailed information about a vGW Security Design VM configuration and re-configure its settings, click the vGW Security VM’s row.

You can use the following tabs shown in the displayed pane to configure unique settings for the vGW Security VM that override the global settings.

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