Understanding the vGW Series Image Enforcer Tab

The Introspection module’s Image Enforcer tab reports on results of comparisons of guest virtual machines (VMs) against model templates or active VMs that are referred to as Gold Images. You set up an Enforcer Profile to specify the Gold Image and the VMs to be compared against it, and to define specifications for the comparison.

The following figure shows the Image Enforcer screen displaying results of a scan of VMs belonging to the Monitored/Secured VMs group. The groups that are selected in the VM tree are compared to the WinDesktop(Win7-32bit-Template) Gold Image. See Figure 71.

Figure 71: vGW Series Introspection Module Image Enforcer Tab

vGW Series Introspection Module
Image Enforcer Tab

The Image Enforcer tab reports the following results of a comparison:

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