Defining New Machines to Use in the vGW Series Environment

This topic covers how to define new machines in the vGW Series system using the Applications Settings section Machines selection of the Settings module. The Machines section also allows you to edit settings used for VMs that are discovered automatically.

To correlate traffic information, vGW Series requires the IP address for hosts. Normally it can obtain the IP address through VMware Tools. For systems without VMware Tools, you can define the IP address manually by clicking the machine and editing the IP address field.

Unmonitored Machines are either external physical machines that have been manually added or virtual machines that are visible in the vCenter inventory but are not on a vSwitch that is Monitored/Secured directly by the vGW Series.

It is useful to add important physical hosts in this area so that they appear in networking reports. If you define a host in this section, it is identified in the network tables by its name rather than by its IP address. Additionally, you can use hosts that you define in this section in the firewall policy editor. Unmonitored Machines can also be included in user-defined groups.

If an external machine is selected in the VM Tree for a network report, only its traffic is reported because it is the only traffic vGW Series can access.

Note: When you click a machine name to select it, the Edit Machine dialog box displays details about the host, including its VMsafe protection status. You can change the behavior of vGW Series it fails to connect to the kernel (failopen or failclosed).

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