Technical Documentation

Configuring SFM Redundancy on M40e and M160 Routers

By default, the Switching and Forwarding Module (SFM) in slot 0 is the master and the SFM in slot 1 is the backup. To modify the default configuration, include the sfm statement at the [edit chassis redundancy] hierarchy level:

[edit chassis redundancy]sfm slot-number (always | preferred);

On the M40e router, slot-number is 0 or 1. On the M160 router, slot-number is 0 through 3.

always defines the SFM as the sole device.

preferred defines a preferred SFM.

To manually switch mastership between SFMs, issue the request chassis sfm master switch command. To view SFM status, issue the show chassis sfm command. For more information, see the JUNOS System Basics and Services Command Reference.

Published: 2010-04-28