Technical Documentation

Configuring the JUNOS Software to Support Entry-Level Configuration on an M320 Router with a Minimum Number of SIBs and PIMs

An M320 router can include an entry-level configuration with a minimum number of SIBs and PEMs. With this configuration, the router may have fewer than four SIBs or four PEMs.

To prevent unwanted alarms from occurring with this entry-level configuration, include the pem minimum and sib minimum statements at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level:

[edit chassis]pem {minimum number;}sib {minimum number;}

minimum number can be 0 through 3. With this configuration, SIB absent or PEM absent alarms are generated only if the SIB or PEM count falls below the minimum specified. For example, set this number to 2 for an entry-level configuration with 2 Switch Interface Boards and 2 Power Entry Modules.

Published: 2010-04-26