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Requesting Technical Support

Technical product support is available through the Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC). If you are a customer with an active J-Care or JNASC support contract, or are covered under warranty, and need post-sales technical support, you can access our tools and resources online or open a case with JTAC.

Self-Help Online Tools and Resources

For quick and easy problem resolution, Juniper Networks has designed an online self-service portal called the Customer Support Center (CSC) that provides you with the following features:

To verify service entitlement by product serial number, use our Serial Number Entitlement (SNE) Tool located at https://tools.juniper.net/SerialNumberEntitlementSearch/.

Opening a Case with JTAC

You can open a case with JTAC on the Web or by telephone.

For international or direct-dial options in countries without toll-free numbers, see https://www.juniper.net/support/requesting support.html

Revision History

18 December 2008—530-024400-01. Revision 5. Added 4-port DS3/E3 IQE PIC and 4-port SONET/SDH OC3/STM1 IQE PIC. Corrected description of the Channelized OC3 IQ PIC. Converted to topics.
30 November 2008—530-024400-01. Revision 4. Added 4-port Channelized DS3/E3 IQE PIC, 2-port Channelized SONET/SDH OC3/STM1 IQE PIC, 1-port Channelized SONET/SDH OC12/STM4 IQE PIC, 1-port SONET/SDH OC12/STM4 IQE PIC, and Channelized E1 IQ PIC. Added 1000BASE-BX SFP optical interfaces. Added caution for the XFP-10G-Z-OC192-LR2 optical transceiver.
28 August 2008—530-024400-01. Revision 3. Removed XENPAK-OTN transceivers for the 10-Gigabit Ethernet PIC with XENPAK.
28 July 2008—530-024400-01. Revision 2. Removed EOL Adaptive Services II PIC. Removed EOL SONET/SDH OC3 and OC12 PICs.
10 March 2008—530-024400-01. Revision 1. Added new transceiver, XENPAK-OTN, for 10-Gigabit Ethernet PIC with XENPAK.
1 February 2008—530-022468-01. Revision 2. Removed SONET/SDH OC3c/STM1 PIC (SMF-IR), SONET/SDH OC12c/STM4 PIC (SMF-IR), SONET/SDH OC12c/STM4 PIC (MM) and SONET/SDH OC48c/STM16 PIC with SFP.
12 October 2007—530-022468-01. Revision 1. Removed SONET/SDH OC192c/STM64 PIC (PC-1OC192-SON-SR2).
29 June 2007—530-020810-01. Revision 1. Added SONET/SDH OC3/STM1 (Multi-Rate) PIC with SFP, SONET/SDH OC12c/STM4 (Multi-Rate) PIC with SFP, and EIA-530 PIC. Added Enhanced III FPCs. Removed SONET/SDH OC192c/STM64 PIC (LR).
30 March 2007—530-020470-01. Revision 1. Added SONET/SDH (Multi-Rate) PICs and MultiServices 500 PIC.
12 January 2007—530-017889-01. Revision 1. Added 8-port Type 3 Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC and 1-port Type 3 10-Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC. Updated first supported release of the 4-port Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC from JUNOS Release 8.0 to JUNOS 7.6R3. Corrected LEDs for Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC with SFP. Added optical diagnostic support for 1-port and 4-port SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 PIC with SFP, 1-port, 2-port, and 10-port Gigabit Ethernet PIC with SFP. 1-port and 2-port Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC with SFP, and Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC with SFP. Updated first supported release of MultiServices 400 PIC from JUNOS Release 8.1R1 to JUNOS Release 8.1R2. Removed product reclamation and recycling appendix.
13 October 2006—530-017180-01. Revision 1. Added MultiServices 100 PIC, MultiServices 400 PIC, and SONET/SDH OC192c/STM64 PIC with XFP. Added support for mixed SONET and SDH framing on the same SONET/SDH OC48/STM16 PIC. Added optical diagnostics for 10-Gigabit Ethernet with XENPAK PIC. Updated first supported release of the 4-port Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PIC from JUNOS Release 7.6R2 to JUNOS 8.0. Corrected maximum distance for 1000BASE-LH SFP transceivers.
28 June 2006—530-016544-01. Revision 1. Corrected optical interface information for the Gigabit Ethernet IQ PIC, 10-Gigabit Ethernet PIC with XENPAK, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet DWDM PIC. Corrected the illustration for the 12-port Fast Ethernet PIC. Changed first supported JUNOS release to 7.6R2 for 4-port Type 1 and 8-port Type 2 Ethernet IQ2 PICs.
13 April 2006—530-015870-01. Revision 1. Added Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 PICs. Added product reclamation and recycling appendix. Corrected transceiver on illustration of 10GE DWDM PIC.
9 January 2006—530-014166-01. Revision 2. Added paragraph referencing Technical Bulletin PSN-2004-12-002. Changed “First JUNOS Support” for the 10-Gigabit Ethernet DWDM PIC to 7.5. Removed M5 and M10 router references to the Enhanced FPC. Added “Average receive power” for the 10-Gigabit Ethernet PIC with XENPAK (10GBASE-ER PIC Type).
14 September 2005—530-014166-01. Revision 1. Added Channelized 10-port T1 and Monitoring Services III PICs.
26 July 2005—530-013675-01. Revision 3. Added figure and changed “First JUNOS Support” for 10-Gigabit Ethernet DWDM PIC.
13 July 2005—530-013675-01. Revision 2. Removed Channelized OC12 and Multichannel DS3 PICs.
13 June 2005—530-013675-01. Added ATM IQ OC48 PIC.
5 April 2005—530-012982-01. Added Adaptive Services II FIPS PIC. Added 10-Gigabit Ethernet DWDM PIC.
15 January 2005—530-012541-01. Removed Gigabit Ethernet PIC. Added the PIC Feature Matrix table and optical interfaces to the 10-Gigabit Ethernet PIC with XENPAK.
9 November 2004—Revision 2. Added 4-port Gigabit Ethernet PIC with SFP.
6 July 2004—Revision 1.

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