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Monitoring Services III PIC (M320 Router)

Image g002317.gif

Software release

  • JUNOS 7.4 and later (Type 2)


  • Power requirement: 0.4 A @ 48 V (19 W)
  • Supports dynamic flow capture
  • 2 Gbps of sustained packet bandwidth

Hardware features

  • Supports MTUs up to 4474 bytes for SONET interfaces

Software features

For more information about the software features for services PICs, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

  • Dynamic flow capture

Cables and connectors

  • None


Two Status LEDs: PIC and APP

PIC LED, one tricolor:

  • Off—PIC is offline and it is safe to remove it from the chassis.
  • Green—PIC is operating normally.
  • Amber—PIC is initializing.
  • Red—PIC has an error or failure and no further harm can be done by removing it from the chassis.

Application LED, one tricolor:

  • Off—Monitoring application is not running.
  • Green—Monitoring application is running under acceptable load.
  • Amber—Monitoring application is overloaded.
  • Red—Not used.

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