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    Honeypot Processors: Query String Processor: Incident - Query Parameter Manipulation

    Complexity: Low (2.0)

    Default Response: 3x = Slow Connection 2-6 seconds for 1 day. 5x = 1 day Clear Inputs.

    Cause: WebApp Secure injects a fake query parameter into some of the links of the protected website. This query parameter has a known value, and should never change, because it is not part of the actual web application. If a user modifies the query parameter value, this incident will be triggered.

    Behavior: Query parameters represent the most visible form of user input a web application exposes. They are clearly visible in the address bar, and can be easily changed by even an inexperienced user. However most users do not attempt to change values directly in the query string, unless they are trying to perform some action the website does not normally expose through its interface, or does not make sufficiently easy. Because it is so easy for a normal user to accidentally change a query parameter, this incident alone is not considered strictly malicious. However depending on the value that is submitted, this could be part of a number of different exploit attempts, including "Buffer Overflow", "XSS", "Denial of Service", "Fingerprinting", "Format String", "HTTP Response Splitting", "Integer Overflow", and "SQL injection".

    Note: For information on the attack types mentioned here, go to The Web Application Security Consortium Web Site and search for the attack name to learn more about it.

    Published: 2015-02-04