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    Edit Web UI User Preferences

    User Preferences control the appearance of the user interface and how certain information is displayed. Click the Edit Preferences link at the top right of the Web UI to access the User Preferences screen. The following preference settings are available:

    Note: Changes only apply to the currently logged in user.

    • Skin–Change the color and overall look of the Web UI.
    • Language–At this time, only English is supported.
    • Timezone–Change the timezone setting. Note that this field defaults to UTC.
    • Prompt Level–Change the amount of help text displayed for each field. If you are familiar with the product, you might prefer abbreviated help text to lessen the amount of information on the screen.
    • Context-Sensitive Help–Select whether or not to display the context-sensitive help.
    • Context-Sensitive Help Target–If you are displaying context-sensitive help, choose whether it appears in a lightbox or within a new window or tab.
    • Spotlight Name Preference–If Spotlight is enabled, you can select to have Spotlight global names displayed in attacker lists and reports. You can also choose to display only local names or to display both local and global names.
    • Auto Refresh–You can enable or disable this setting. Note that Auto refresh affects all security related screens, including the dashboard, lists of hackers, sessions, locations, and incidents.
    • Refresh Interval–Change the refresh interval. The minimum value you can set here is 10 seconds.
    • Records Per Page–Change the number of records to display on a per page basis.
    • Debug Mode–You can enable or disable this setting. Certain Web UI items are hidden by default. For debugging purposes, you can enable this checkbox to reveal all hidden items.

    Figure 1: User Preferences

    User Preferences

    Published: 2015-02-04