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    CLI: Config Example

    Typing config at the CLI prompt will put the CLI into the configuration context. Configuration values are organized in a hierarchical fashion, with the most general words located at the beginning of the full configuration attribute string. For example:


    From the entry above, you can see that this parameter is for a service that handles the cleanup of the database. Specifically, this parameter determines whether the service is enabled or not.

    Within the config context, you can choose to show any portion of the configuration. For example:

    show services.cleanup.db.enabled

    In the entry above, the value of the parameter in question is shown. If you want to see all of the configuration for the DB Cleanup Service, you can enter show services.cleanup.db to return a JSON object representation of the entire configuration that relates to the DB Cleanup Service. Likewise, entering only show displays the entire configuration as one large object.

    Published: 2015-02-04