Silent Running Mode

You can deploy WebApp Secure in Silent Running Mode to see what the product’s tracking and detection capabilities can do, but without it taking any actions or issuing any counter responses.

When Silent Running Mode is enabled, the Web UI will continue to show response activations, but none of these responses will actually have an effect on the users of the protected site. Additionally, a persistent banner notification will appear throughout the Web UI on every screen that displays response information.

Figure 76: Silent Running Banner, no exclusions

Silent Running Banner, no exclusions

Note: If you have Spotlight Secure Connector enabled, activating Silent Running mode will disable activation of ALL responses, including the Security Intelligence - Spotlight Secure Connector action response. This will effectively disable new activations being pushed to the Connector.

You can configure Silent Running Mode through the first-run configuration wizard (see Using the Configuration Wizard) or at any time through the Configuration > Services > Counter Response Service > Silent Running menu option.

From the Silent Running window, you can configure the following:

  1. Click the Enable button to turn this feature on.
  2. Optionally, select Exclusions. Several exclusion profiles are listed in the Suggestions pulldown. When you select a profile and click the Use Suggestion button, the corresponding Silenced Responses move to the Excluded Responses column.

    Provided exclusion profiles are as follows:

    • Truly Silent (no exceptions)
    • Allow Deceptive Responses Only (Break Authentication, Logout User, Strip Inputs)
    • Allow Severe Responses Only (Block User, Force Captcha Validation, Security Intelligence Connector Action)
    • Allow Joke Response Only (Cloppy, Google Map)
  3. You can use the profiles provided and make your own changes to them, if necessary, by dragging and dropping items between the Silenced Responses list and the Excluded Responses list. Be sure to Save your changes using the button at the bottom of the window.

Figure 77: Silent Running Configuration Window

Silent Running Configuration Window

When Silent Running Mode is enabled with exclusions, the banner you see in the Web UI looks like this.

Figure 78: Silent Running Banner, with exclusions

Silent Running Banner, with exclusions

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