mws Log Format

mws.log is the main log file for most WebApp Secure logging needs. All messages that don't have a specific log location are sent, by default, to mws.log. The format of the mws.log is as follows:


Field definitions:

Note: Some log entries might not have an applicable service or component, like core security engine log messages. In this case, the fields are not displayed.

Note: Due to complications, currently all log entries with [mws-ui] do not have a <log_level>.


Mar 19 18:42:38 my-jwas-instance [INFO][mws-cluster-services][db-cleanup] Database cleanup completed. Removed record count: 0 Mar 19 19:42:16 my-jwas-instance [mws-ui]: spawned uWSGI worker 1 (pid: 11209, cores: 1) Mar 19 20:18:26 my-jwas-instance [INFO][mws-security-engine] Server startup in 3080 ms

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