Alert Service

WebApp Secure can e-mail alerts to your administration team. While the appliance can serve as its own mail server, we recommend that you use a valid mail server for your network.

To configure e-mail alerts, do the following:

  1. In the Web UI, navigate to Configuration > Services > Alert Service.
  2. Set Alerts Enabled to True.
  3. Enter the sender e-mail address. This is the address that e-mails will use in the from field.
  4. In the Contacts section, click the Add New button to enter contact information for e-mail alerts. You can also select the severity of events that can trigger e-mails as well at the time-frame for sending e-mail alerts to the contact in question.
  5. In the SNMP Addresses section, click the Add New button to enter the address and port of SNMP managers. The address field defaults to localhost. Set it to the IP address or FQDN of your mail server if you are using an off-board mail server as recommended. The port defaults to 25. Set it to the port your mail server is listening on. Test your settings and click Save.

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