Audit Log Format

The audit log contains log entries that indicate non-idempotent (state changing) actions performed on WebApp Secure. For example:

The format of audit log messages is as follows:

<date_utc> <hostname> [mws-audit][<log_level>] [<api_key>] <message>

Field definitions:

Logfile Example:

Jan 22 16:14:23 my-jwas [mws-audit][INFO] [mykonos] [] Logged in successfully Jan 23 19:16:22 my-jwas [mws-audit][INFO] [ea77722a8516b0d1135abb19b1982852] Deactivate response 1832840420318015488 Feb 7 20:29:51 my-jwas [mws-audit][INFO] [mykonos] [] Login failed. Attempt: 1 Feb 14 19:02:54 my-jwas [mws-audit][INFO][mykonos] Changed configuration parameters: services.spotlight.enabled, services.spotlight.server_address

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