Using the Editor

To create a response, open the configuration Web UI and select the ADD New Rule button. This will launch the editor which can be used to create and edit a response.

Note: Creating responses is an advanced task. Refer to the product’s API documentation for configuration details.

Note: Once you create a custom rule and save it, the Log tab appears in the Editor UI. Note that the information in the Log tab must be manually refreshed.

Figure 79: Edit Response

Edit Response

Table 44: Response Editor Fields




The name of the response.


Description of the response and its triggers.


Sets a response to be active.

Safe Mode

Allows the response to activate, but does not actually respond. This setting is for testing and debugging responses.


The actual code that defines the response.


The events that will trigger the response.


A table which consists of any log statements printed during response execution. Use the JavaScipt console object to output to an response's log.

API Reference

A link to the Autoresponse API documentation.