When users browse the protected site, similar or back-to-back requests can be grouped together in a Session. The Sessions page allows you to view each of these browsing sessions.

Figure 107: Sessions


The tabs available in the Sessions page show Malicious Sessions, Other (non-malicious) sessions, and a graph of sessions over time. Each Session entry contains information including the Attacker the session belongs to (if it was a session with malicious intent), the Remote Address used during the session (the IP), the Browser and Operating System used during the session, the number of Requests made and Pages returned during that session, the number of Errors generated by the server in response to requests in that session, as well as the First and Last Active times. You can also click on the Details icon (the eye) to view more information about any particular session.

Note: The data displayed here is fluid, meaning it adjusts to the window size, either reorganizing the data or displaying more or less information depending the available space.

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