High Availability Settings

You configure HA settings during the initialization process. See Initializing the System. You can use the CLI to change HA settings.

After allowing the Initialization process to complete, you can verify proper HA setup by navigating to the management interface https://VIP:5000 where VIP is the Virtual IP. Navigate to High Availability on the left-side menu to observe the status of the HA pair.

Figure 18: HA Pair Status

HA Pair Status

Warning: Since the various HA appliances in a configuration need to interface with the database, port 5432 will be open. Be sure to restrict access to this port with your firewall to prevent unwanted incoming connections. WebApp Secure is not intended to be used as an edge device.

Note: If the interconnect between an HA pair drops at any point, it is possible that both systems will try to assume the active system role. This leads to a condition known as split-brain, where data is not properly routed through the pair. To mitigate this, we recommend that you bond the pair using the 10Gb ports on the front of the appliance. See The CLI: The Set Command for information on setting up the bond interface.

Note: You must use the VIP to access the configuration interface. If you attempt to use the management interface on the passive appliance, you will see a notification indicating "The Administrative interface is not accessible on this host because it is the secondary host in a High Availability cluster."

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