CLI: Config: Initializing the Configuration

At some point, it might be necessary to reset all configuration entries to default values. To do this, you enter config init at the root context, or init and commit at the config context. Once you do that, all entries are reset to their factory defaults.

Warning: Because configuration initialization resets every parameter to a default, you might want to record some entries before doing this. Specifically, engine.session.encryption_key and engine.session.initialization_vector. Those two entries are needed to maintain the correct session data for currently-active users. If these values change, you might see false positives of Session Etag Spoofing, Session Tampering, and Application Cookie Manipulation incidents, because the corresponding key values have indeed been manipulated.

Warning: You should also record the backups encryption key services.backups.secret. If you reinitialize WebApp Secure, and do not know your backup secret key, nobody — not even Juniper Support — will be able to recover your backups.

Initializing the configuration will not reset the autoresponse rule activation or deactivation state. The state of autoresponse rules is stored in the database. The easiest way to reset them is to do it manually.

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