Deploying Using the Web Interface

To deploy using the Web Interface, do the following:

  1. Log into the AWS management console.
  2. Select the Amazon EC2 tab.
  3. Click the Launch Instance button under the My Instances section.
  4. Select Launch Classic Wizard then click continue.
  5. Select the My AMIs tab.
  6. Next to Viewing, select Private Images.
  7. To the right of the appliance, click the Select button.

    Figure 4: AWS management console

    AWS management console
  8. Change the Instance Type to Large (m1.large).

    Figure 5: Instance Type

    Instance Type
  9. Click the Continue button. Then click the Continue button again on the next screen.

    Figure 6: Configure Instance continued

    Configure Instance continued
  10. Add a Name to make the instance easily recognizable and click Continue.

    Figure 7: Instance, Configure Name

    Instance, Configure Name
  11. Select or create your Key Pair and click Continue.

    Figure 8: Instance, Create Key Pair

    Instance, Create Key Pair
  12. Select Create a New Security Group and enter the following information:
    • Group Name: Mykonos
    • Group Description: Mykonos Appliance
    • Port Range: 2022
    • Port Range: 80
      • Add Rule
    • Port Range: 443
      • Add Rule
    • Port Range: 5000
      • Add Rule

    Figure 9: Instance Create Security Group

    Instance Create Security Group
  13. Click the Continue button.
  14. Click the Launch button.

    Figure 10: Instance, Review and Launch

    Instance, Review and Launch