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    Security Engine Whitelist Settings

    There are various types of whitelists to which you can add any valid IP address or CIDR block. To access the Whitelist screen, do the following:

    Navigate to Configuration > Security Engine > Whitelists. The following types of whitelists are available:

    • Trusted IP Addresses: The IP addresses in this list will not trigger incidents. Click Add New to enter IP addresses to be added to this list.
    • X-Forwarded-For Address Exclusions: The IP addresses in this list are stripped of the X-Forwarded-For header. This effectively trusts that the next IP address in the chain is a genuine address. Click Add New to enter IP addresses to be added to this list.


    • If you only provide an IP address without a subnet mask , a /32 mask (i.e. a single IP address) is implied. If you provide any other mask, it will be used instead.
    • You should enter values in a x.x.x.x/y format (the standard, dotted quad, ipv4 format).
    • Any CIDR block entered in dotted quad notation with a decimal prefix 1-32 is valid (x.x.x.x/x).

    Figure 1: Whitelists


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    Published: 2014-06-27