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    Configure Network Interfaces

    The first step in setting up your appliance is to configure the network interface(s). The number of interfaces that are required depends on the mode in which the appliance will be operating. If you are using hardware and setting up a HA node, a minimum of 2 network interfaces must be configured. For all other modes, a minimum of 1 interface is required.

    When performing the initial setup of a hardware appliance, you will need to connect via the serial console port. You will need a terminal emulation application to enter commands through the console.

    Serial Port Settings:

    • Baud Rate: 115,200 Bd
    • Bit Format: 8-N-1

    Once logged in, use the WebApp Secure CLI to configure the network interfaces by running the command cli from the bash prompt. The CLI is also available through SSH on port 2022 after WebApp Secure is operating.

    Then you can configure the interfaces by entering the 'system' level of the CLI, and typing set interface <interface> <configuration>. For more information on the syntax to configure interfaces, see The CLI: The Set Command.

    Once you have configured your network interface(s) you must set the management interface that will be used for the appliance. By default, the management interface is set to eth0. If this interface is correct then it is already set and you can move on the next step. If this is not the correct interface to use as the management interface, then you must run the following command from the root of the CLI.

    system set management-interface <interface>

    The command above sets the system management interface to the given interface. Once initialized, the management interface is used for all access to the appliance and for all node communications with the exception of data replication between HA nodes. The data replication occurs over the interconnect (10GbE interface) only for performance reasons.

    Dedicated Management Interface–Optionally, you can designate an interface to be used strictly for management of the appliance. This modifies the firewall rules to force all data services to be sent through the configured interface.

    Next, you will set the system hostname. See Set the Hostname.


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    Published: 2014-06-27