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    Navigating the CLI

    The CLI uses different contexts to segregate commands. Currently, there are three contexts that are available from the root context:

    • config

      Allows you to display or manipulate the WebApp Secure configuration. The CLI provides an alternate way to edit configurations without the need to navigate through the Web UI.

    • system

      Any command that deals with the system as a whole is contained in the system context. Tasks such as configuration of network interfaces, checking on the appliance services or executing backups can be done through this context. The system context also contains the services subcontext.

    • support

      Enter the support level of the CLI. This level provides support features meant for troubleshooting system problems.

    To exit to the last context used, simply type exit or use the keyboard shorcut Ctrl + D.

    Note: At any point, you can enter ? or help to view the available commands at the current context or help <command> to get contextual help on the specified command.

    [mykonos@webappsecure ~]$ cli

    Welcome to the Junos WebApp Secure CLI

    > config

    config> help show

    Summary: display configuration parameters


    show [parameter]


    Display the value of the given parameter. If no parameter name is given the entire configuration tree will be displayed.

    You can also compare what is currently in memory to what was loaded from disk using the "compare" flag. To do this use the syntax:


    config> exit

    > exit

    [mykonos@webappsecure ~]$ _

    Published: 2014-06-27