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    WebApp Secure protects web sites from attackers using a proprietary blend of intrusion deception techniques. Its real-time protection system detects, tracks, profiles, and defends against hackers. By dynamically inserting detection points, honeypots, and honeytokens into the code of your web application traffic, WebApp Secure identifies and stops attackers before they can do damage.

    WebApp Secure protects and defends using the following methodology:

    • Detect–Detection points are inserted into web application code, creating a virtual minefield that detects hackers when they manipulate these detection points during pre-attack reconnaissance.
    • Track– WebApp Secure goes beyond the IP address and tracks attackers based on client fingerprinting techniques.
    • Profile–WebApp Secure’s tracking techniques enable attacker profiling. Every attacker is assigned a name and each incident is recorded, along with a threat level based on the attacker’s intent and skill.
    • Respond and Understand–Once an attacker is detected, an appropriate response can be deployed manually or automatically in real-time.

    Published: 2014-06-27