View Online Help and Product Documentation from the Web UI

Online Help (question mark)–When you click the question mark in the bottom left corner of the Web UI, a help screen for the selected configuration item appears (context-sensitive help). By default, the help screen displays within in the Web UI itself. You can make the help appear in a new browser window, with a TOC, Index, and Search capabilities, by holding down the Shift key when you click the question mark.

Note: Context-sensitive help is not available for all tasks at this time. When it’s unavailable, the question mark does not appear.

Figure 25: View Online Help

View Online Help

Product Guides (Help book icon)–When you click Help at the bottom of the navigation menu in the Web UI, a window containing links to the product documentation appears. From this window, you can view HTML and PDF versions of the following:

Note: The Developer Guide and Third-Party Attributions are also available in plain text.

Figure 26: View Product Guides

View Product Guides

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