Health Check URL

The Health Check URL lets an external system (typically a load balancer) that confirms the WebApp Secure system is operating properly. The system will generate a file name consisting of an arbitrary string of characters; make a note of it. If an HTTP request is sent to WebApp Secure for this file name, it will return 200 OK, with a code in the body of the message. The responses are as follows.

Table 11: Health Check responses and corresponding meanings.



No response

WebApp Secure is offline

200 OK, plus OK

WebApp Secure is fully functional and is protecting your websites

200 OK, plus DISABLED

WebApp Secure is running, but has been disabled or the license has expired

200 OK, plus STAND-BY [...]

WebApp Secure is waiting on an external resource. The contents of [...] will provide additional information

The format of the HTTP request should be:http://jws_fullyqualifieddomainname_or_IPaddress/filenamegeneratedbyjws