Expert Configuration Mode

In most cases, using the standard configuration interface should be sufficient. Some users might prefer editing the configuration parameters at the key-value level. Expert Mode is a way to view all the configuration attributes from the Web UI. You can reach Expert Mode window by clicking the Expert Mode button on the upper right side of the Configuration window in the Web UI.

To edit any configuration parameter, first navigate to the correct parameter name. The table is ordered alphabetically, and you can browse through the help documentation for various parameters by using the help keyword in the CLI (mykonos-shell).

Once you find the entry, you can edit it, remove it, or reset it to its default value using the icons on the left side of the table. When editing a parameter, you are given a text box in which to make the edit. Some parameters are Base64 encoded (like HTML responses), but will be displayed in an un-encoded form. Make your changes and click Set Parameter to save the changes.

Figure 27: Edit Parameter

Edit Parameter

Warning: Even after you save the parameter, the changes to configuration have not been saved and set until you click the Save button at the bottom of the page. If you navigate away from the page before saving the entire configuration, parameters are note saved.

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