Managing and Viewing Logs

WebApp Secure keeps its log files in the /var/log/mws directory. The log files often prove useful for troubleshooting if there is ever a problem with the Appliance. WebApp Secure uses the following logs.

By navigating to Configuration > Logging in the Web UI, you can adjust logging levels for Access Logging and Security Logging.

Note: To change the default destination of log files, click the Log Destinations link at the top of the Logging Configuration page.

Set the following for Access Logging:

Set the following for Security Logging:

The information logged here is usually used for troubleshooting, allowing an administrator to see exactly what the requests look like before and after processing by WebApp Secure.

Log Retention

Log Retention is located in the Logging section of the Web interface. You can set values for the following:

Note: Log File Rotation and Log File Size parameters can be set to 0 or to any positive integer value. There are no hard upper limits on these values. Such limits are wholly dependent on the amount of disk space that is available for log storage. If you set these values to 0, for Log File Rotation, no copies are saved when a file is rotated. The file is deleted. If Log File Size is set to 0, the log file is truncated every 30 minutes.

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