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    CLI: Config: Setting a Configuration Parameter

    To set a configuration parameter, enter set PARAMETER.TO.SET VALUETOSETTO. For example, to enable the DataBase Cleanup Service (which allows you to delete profiles from WepApp Secure), enter the following:

    set services.cleanup.db.enabled true

    For more advanced users, you can edit configuration entries with an actual editor. If you do this, you can append | edit to the end of the set command where your value would be. The shell will put you into a text editor (VIM by default) where you can make changes to the configuration values. This is convenient when editing the JSON representation of a set of configuration entries, such as services.cleanup.db. Make any changes and, in VIMs Normal Mode, enter wq to write and quit the editor. For more information about VIM and how to use it, consult the VIM Documentation.

    Note: You can choose to show a portion of the configuration without setting it by using the keyword show rather than set. For example: show services.cleanup.db This displays all configurations related to the DataBase Cleanup Service.

    After making any changes, you can compare the new configuration with the last-saved version by typing entering | compare. A diff is printed to screen, with - indicating original settings, and + indicating modified settings. For example, changing the DB Cleanup Service from true to false will yield:

    - - - Original Settings+++ Modified Settings@@ -2635,7 +2635,7 @@services.backups.retention: 7services.backups.secret: WIB25lkIsbMM3wORservices.backups.ssh.enabled: false-services.cleanup.db.enabled: true+services.cleanup.db.enabled: falseservices.cleanup.db.expiration.history: 2592000services.cleanup.db.expiration.malicious: 10368000services.cleanup.db.expiration.session: 2592000

    Published: 2013-11-20