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Developing and Deploying SS7 Services


To install the required software packages:

  1. From the Main Menu, enter 1 to select Signalware.

    The Product Menu is displayed.

  2. Enter 1 to select Signalware ... Develop/Deploy SS7 Services.

    The Signalware Main Menu is displayed.

  3. Enter 1 to select Install/Configure.

    The Install/Configure menu is displayed.

  4. Enter 3 to select Perform Initial Signalware Installation and Configuration.

    The script prompts you for hostnames in a cluster.

  5. Press Enter because this is a single node installation.

    The Initial Install menu is displayed.

  6. Enter 1 to select Install Packages.

    The Select Instance screen is displayed and the script supplies the current (default) target directory.

  7. Press Enter to accept the default target directory or specify an alternate location and press Enter.

    The script prompts you to confirm the location.

  8. Enter Y to continue.

    The Package Directory screen is displayed.

  9. Enter the full path to the directory containing the packages.

    The packages are validated and installed.

    The Protocol Selection menu is displayed.

  10. Select the protocol that is appropriate to your location and system. Then press Enter.

    As each protocol is activated, the screen is displayed again. When all protocols have been activated, type 0 and press Enter to continue.


    We recommend that you select only one protocol, typically option "2 = ITU Protocol". Selecting multiple protocols may cause routing problems and complicate the MML configurations in later steps.

    The protocol you select here must match the protocol choice you make in the later steps. For example, if you have selected option “2 = ITU Protocol”, then you must select the protocol “C7”.

    The following information helps you to map the protocol selection:

    • ANSI protocol corresponds to the A7 protocol

    • ITU protocol corresponds to the C7 protocol

    • CHINA protocol corresponds to the CH7 protocol

    • JAPAN protocol corresponds to the J7 protocol

    The Interface Selection menu is displayed.

  11. Type 3 to M3UA (SIGTRAN) (the interfaces supported by Steel-Belted Radius Carrier) and press Enter.

    When the screen is redisplayed, type 0 and press Enter to continue.

    The first page of the Select Packages menu is displayed.

  12. Review the packages to be installed. (Generally, accept the defaults and do not deselect any packages.


    The selected packages are based on the choices that you made earlier. We recommend that you do not deselect any packages.

  13. Type 0 and press Enter to accept the default selections and continue.

    A confirmation screen is displayed.

  14. Enter Y to confirm the selection of all packages and install them.

    Status messages are displayed while the packages are installed.

  15. When Installation Complete is displayed, press Enter to continue.

    The More Packages screen is displayed.

  16. Enter N when you are prompted to indicate whether you have completed installing packages. You must install the upgrade package after completing the base package installation.

  17. Enter the directory containing the Signalware 9 SP6.5 package (upgrade).

  18. If the install prompts for either a Quick Install or Advanced Install, enter 1 to choose the Quick Install option.

  19. When Installation Complete is displayed, press Enter to continue.

  20. Enter Y when you are prompted to indicate whether you have completed installing packages.

    The Initial Install screen is displayed.