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Migrating from Earlier SBR Releases


Migration involves moving a copy of the old SBR installation into a directory on the new Release 8.5.0 server. When Steel-Belted Radius Carrier is installed, files that may be moved forward are copied and integrated into the new installation by the configuration script. The corresponding Release 8.5.0 files are loaded on the server too, but not activated.


Migration to SBR Release 8.5.0 is not supported from certain SBR versions earlier than Release 7.2.0.


Migration is supported between like operating systems only—one Oracle or Solaris server to a second and from the same type of server CCM role (primary or replica) to the same type of server. Cross-OS and cross-type migrations are not possible.

Many older release configuration files may not be moved forward because they conflict with newer versions. However, portions of these files may be copied and pasted into the corresponding Release 8.5.0 files to preserve existing settings without disabling new features.


In SBR Carrier Release 7.0, you configured the ss7ldapdb.gen file to store CDR records in the LDAP directory. When you run SBR Carrier Release 8.5.0 in standalone mode, these settings are configured in the ss7db.gen file. When you migrate from Release 7.0 to Release 8.5.0, you need to move these settings from the ss7ldapdb.gen file to the ss7db.gen file.

Previous releases of SBRC software running in standalone mode and using the SIM module used a different method to store the CDR records; SBRC Release 8.5.0 uses an LDAP directory to store these records. This directory is configured with the ss7db.gen file. After you upgrade to SBRC Release 8.5.0, the CDR records from the previous releases of SBR Carrier software are no longer accessible.

For details about what works when moving from one of the different supported releases, see Migrating from Previous SBR Releases.