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You can use the script to collect information from your system when the information is requested by JTAC. The collected information is stored in tar files under a directory named SBR_Information_Report, in the user-defined path or in the default path (/opt/JNPRsbr/radius/debug/). Using this script, you can collect SBR configuration information, process information, system information, package and patch information, log files, and core files. You must configure the corresponding parameters in the SIR.conf file to collect these information. For more information about configuring the SIR.conf file, see the SBR Carrier Reference Guide.


Make sure that all the following basic OS commands used by this script are available in your system: pstack, pfiles, netstat, lsof, dmidecode, prtdiag, ls, grep, rm, find, file, mkdir, ps, pgrep, prtconf, netstat, uname, pfiles, iostat, df, and rpm.

You cannot use the script to collect information from remote SBR Carrier servers.

This appendix contains the following sections: