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Designating a New Primary Server


You can change which server within a realm is designated as the primary server for that realm.

To designate a new primary server:

  1. Stop the RADIUS service on the replica server.

  2. Log in to the replica server as root.

  3. Navigate to: /opt/JNPRsbr/radius or the directory where SBR is installed.

  4. Run the sbrsetuptool utility with the promote option.

    # sbrsetuptool -promote

    The utility creates a configuration package to change this server to the primary server.

  5. Restart the updated replica server to make it the new primary server.

  6. Publish a new configuration package administratively to configure all replica servers to use the new primary server. For more information about how to publish the server configuration information, see Publishing Server Configuration Information.

After you designate a new primary server for a realm, the old primary server becomes a replica server automatically.