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Adding License Keys


Depending upon your purchasing arrangements, your SBR Carrier software may require a new license key at some point after its initial installation.

If you are provided with a new license key, you can add the key to an existing SBR Carrier installation as follows:

  1. Start the Web GUI program and connect to your SBR Carrier server.

  2. Select Tools > License.

    The License Registration page (Figure 10) appears.

    Figure 10: License Registration Page
    License Registration
  3. Enter the license key in the License String field and click Register.

    If the license key you have entered is invalid, the server displays an error message. If this occurs, click OK in the message dialog box and enter the correct license key.

  4. After you enter a valid license key, the server displays a confirmation message and reminds you that you must restart the server. Click OK.


    The server does not restart itself automatically after a new license key is added. You must restart SBR Carrier manually to activate the new license key. See When and How to Stop and Restart Steel-Belted Radius Carrier.

    Be sure to refresh and log in again to the Web GUI running on the management workstation to reflect the changes.


    The SBR Carrier audit log does not record an entry when you enter license keys through Web GUI.