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Configuring Communication Files Overview


When configuring the communication pathways between Steel-Belted Radius Carrier and equipment in the SS7 network, you need to configure certain files based on your choices of the following:

  • Type of network equipment Steel-Belted Radius Carrier communicates with for processing authorization requests. (See Table 38 for information of which type of equipment is used.)

    • HLR

    • MSC

  • Type of network.

    • SS7

    • SS7 over IP (SIGTRAN)

Table 38: Network Equipment Used for Authorization

Action Needed to Process Access-Request

Network Equipment

Obtain SIM triplets


Obtain AKA quintets


Send SMS text message containing password


Obtain IMSI (given the MSISDN)


Obtain MSISDN (given the IMSI)



If quintets are received but triplets are needed, then Steel-Belted Radius Carrier converts the quintets to triplets according to specification 3G TS 33.102, available at Remember to configure and support MAPv3.