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Creating and Restoring the SSR Database

Create and restore the SSR database.

Note: If you need to customize the sessions database to match your existing cluster session database, see Customizing the SSR Database Current Sessions Table. Any customization must be done prior to running the script.

  1. Create the database by logging in to one of the SM nodes as hadm.


    Creating database "SteelBeltedRadius" (using ENGINE ndbcluster).
      Creating misc tables.
      Creating IP Pool, Range and Address tables.
      Creating Wimax tables.
      Creating SIM Auth tables.
      Creating TTLS Resumption Cache tables.
      Creating Current Sessions table.
        Proxy AutoStop feature configured.
        Session Timeout on Missed Account Stop feature configured.
        Use Single Class Attribute feature configured.
      Creating User Concurrency table.
      Creating stored routines.
  2. Restore the database from the backup you made in Backing Up the State of the Sessions in Your SSR Database.

    hadm@uranus-js:~>mysql -D SteelBeltedRadius </opt/backup_sbr.sql

  3. Execute the utility for schema upgrades.
    1. First, determine whether your schema needs to be updated for this release by executing UpdateSchema with no arguments as the hadm user. This will return a list of schemas which need to be updated for the installed version of software.

      hadm@uranus-js:~>perl ./

      Usage: perl [from version]
        where [from version] is 5.4 or 5.5 or 7.2.5 or 8.4
        Other versions do not need a schema update. 

      Note: Future SBR Carrier software releases may require schema updates, we recommend you execute this step every time you upgrade to determine if a schema upgrade is required.

    2. If you are running a software release that requires a schema change, execute the command again with the version from which you are upgrading. For example, from SBR Carrier Release 8.4.0:

      hadm@uranus-js:~>perl ./ 8.4

      Altering Tables - Please wait...Done
  4. Check the database restore.

    hadm@uranus-js:~>./ -c

    Total Sessions: 611443
  5. If you need to customize the sessions database, see Customizing the SSR Database Current Sessions Table.
  6. Configure at least one IP address pool and one range using the SSR Administration Scripts. See Testing the Installation with See also Session State Register Administration in the SBR Carrier Administration and Configuration Guide.

Modified: 2017-10-26