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Creating a Test Database

If all the nodes come up correctly and see each other, you can create a test database with the script.

To create a test database, on each management node:

  1. Log in as root. (You use both root and hadm accounts; using two windows makes this easier.)
  2. Stop the SBR Carrier node.
    1. Change directories to /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/.
    2. Execute:
      sbrd stop radius
  3. Log in (using the second window) as hadm.
  4. Create a database with the script, using the default values.


    For example:

  5. Respond to the script prompts with yes.

    For example:

    SBRs must be offline, do you want to proceed? <yes|no> yes
    This will destroy the “ SteelBeltedRadius” database (if it exists), OK? <yes|no> yes
  6. In the hadm window, check the status of all nodes as they come online.

    /opt/JNPRsbr/radius/sbrd status

    Results similar to this example are displayed:

    hadmUser$>/opt/JNPRsbr/radius/sbrd status
    [ndbd(NDB)]     2 node(s)
    id=10   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10, Nodegroup: 0, Master)
    id=11   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10, Nodegroup: 0)
    [ndb_mgmd(MGM)] 2 node(s)
    id=1    @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)
    id=2    @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)
    [mysqld(API)]   4 node(s)
    id=21   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)
    id=22   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)
    id=30   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)
    id=31   @  (mysql-5.6.28 ndb-7.4.10)

    Examine the line starting with “id=”, and verify that there are no references to starting, connecting, or not connected. Any of these references indicate the process has either not finished starting, or the node is not connected properly. You may need to execute the sbrd status command more than once because it only shows a snapshot of activity; the display does not refresh. Do not proceed to the next node until you are sure the process has started properly and the node is connected.

Modified: 2017-03-07