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Files from Earlier Releases That Require Manual Editing

Files listed in this section may require special handling during the migration process.

Manual Migration of XML Configurations

You must manually move existing settings into the corresponding XML files that are delivered in the new Steel-Belted Radius Carrier software installation.

Caution: Do not modify any *.xml files except these four:

  • /radius/sbr_administration.xml—Socket port number specified by port= setting
  • /radius/sbr_ccm.xml—Socket port numbers specified by port= settings
  • /radius/sbr_id.xml—Hostname specified by id= setting
  • radius/system/config/logging_mgr.xml—LogStream events= settings
  • radius/snmp/conf/events.xml—Dilution factor specified by dilutionFactor= setting

The IP addresses, hostnames, socket port numbers, and other similar data entries found in these files often have corresponding parameters in the radius.ini file, which must be kept in agreement.

Manual Migration of JavaScript Files

All JavaScript files (*.jsi) are stored in the radius/scripts subdirectory. You must migrate any JavaScript files manually by copying them into the new Steel-Belted Radius Carrier software installation.

Manual Migration of ROOT Certificates

The storage of root certificates is managed by the Steel-Belted Radius Carrier server. You use the Web GUI to add and delete root certificates. You must manually migrate root certificates, using the Web GUI to add them from the old root directory.

Manual Migration of Dictionaries

If you have stored any modified or third-party dictionary files (*.dci, *.dcm, *.dct, and *.dic) in the /radius directory, you must manually migrate these either by merging each of the modifications with the corresponding files that are shipped with the new Steel-Belted Radius Carrier software, or by copying the third-party dictionary files to the new /radius directory.

If you are using the optional WiMAX mobility module, check the vendor.ini file to confirm that the WiMAX vendor ID is defined. If the field is blank, restore a file from the /install/backup/<time-stamp> directory.

Manual Migration of Third-Party Plug-ins and Other Binaries

If you have stored any third-party plug-ins (*.so) or other binaries in the old release’s radiusdir directory, then you must manually migrate them by copying the files to the new radiusdir.

Manual Migration of SNMP Files

We recommend that you not attempt to migrate a previous release’s SNMP configuration, except if you have stored any modified or third party MIB files in the old server’s radius/snmp/mibs directory. Migrate these files manually by copying them to the new server.

Modified: 2017-03-07