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Configuring Tunnel Name Parsing

Tunnel name parsing enables SBR Carrier to determine whether the name string provided by a user includes a tunnel name by looking for the character configured as the delimiter for tunnel information. Tunnel name parsing options apply to all tunnels maintained by SBR Carrier. You cannot set name parsing options for individual tunnels.

To configure tunnel name parsing using the Web GUI:

  1. Select RADIUS Configuration > Tunnels > Name Parsing.

    The Name Parsing page (Figure 61) appears.

    Figure 61: Name Parsing Page

    Name Parsing Page
  2. Select the corresponding tunnel name parsing option:
    • None—Tunnel name parsing is not supported. If you choose this option, the tunnel authentication sequence is bypassed for each Access-Request; the server uses the standard username and password authentication sequence only.
    • Tunnel Name is Prefix—If the tunnel delimiter character is detected, the User-Name attribute value is assumed to be TunnelName<PrefixDelimiter>User.
    • Tunnel Name is Suffix—If the tunnel delimiter character is detected, the User-Name attribute value is assumed to be User<SuffixDelimiter>TunnelName.

    The option you choose applies to all tunnels defined on the server.

  3. If you have selected the Tunnel Name is Prefix or Tunnel Name is Suffix option button, use the Parsing Delimiter field to specify the character used to separate the tunnel name and the username.

    The default delimiter character for tunnel name parsing is @.

    Note: Choose different delimiter characters and different prefix or suffix name parsing conventions for tunnels and for proxies or realms.

  4. Click Save to save the tunnel name parsing configuration.

Modified: 2017-03-07