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Junos WebApp Secure 5.0

Hardware Guide

Edition 1

This document contains a specification for the MWS1000 hardware appliance, as well as instructions for installation into a server environment.

1. Appliance Features and Specifications
1.1. Chassis Overview for MWS1000
1.2. Front Panel Features for MWS1000
2. Site Preparation
2.1. Clearance Requirements for Airflow and Hardware Maintenance for MWS1000
2.2. Power Specifications
2.3. Unpacking and Inspecting the MWS1000
2.4. Before You Install MWS1000
3. Installing MWS1000
3.1. Connecting Power to AC-Powered MWS1000
3.2. Connecting Power to DC-Powered MWS1000
3.3. RJ-45 Console Connector Pinout