Front-and-Rear-Mounting the JSA7500 in a 4-Post Sliding Rail Rack

This option is used for the chassis that can easily pulled out from the rack when mounted on the rack-mount system. The JSA7500 appliance is mounted using this option because of the fan door available on the top of the appliance.

Note: The front-to-back rail spacing must be at least 48.3 cm (19-in.) from the outside face of the front rail to the outside face of the back rail.

To mount JSA7500 using this option:

  1. Insert four rack-mount screws on each side of the appliance to secure the mounting brackets to the sides of the chassis.
  2. On the slide assembly, press the button on each slide and pull the glide completely out of the slide.
  3. Attach the glide to the sides of the appliance.
  4. Attach the slide sets to the desired position of front and rear of the rack cabinet.
  5. Push the slide buttons and slide the appliance all the way into the rack enclosure.
  6. Secure the front-mount rail brackets to your equipment rack with two rack mount screws each.

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