Front-and-Rear-Mounting the JSA Appliance Flush to a Rack

This option is used for larger chassis that require additional support when mounted on the rack-mount system. The JSA5500 appliance is mounted using this option as its default configuration.

To mount JSA5500 using this option:

  1. Insert four rack-mount screws on each side of the system to secure the front of the chassis to the equipment rack.
  2. Slide the rear-mount rail brackets into the backs of the front rails on either side of the chassis and align with your rear equipment rack posts. Secure the rear-mount rail brackets to your equipment rack with two rack-mount screws each.
  3. Insert locking screws on the sides of the rear-mount brackets to secure the front and rear mounting brackets in place. See Figure 13.

    Figure 13: Front-Rear Mounting Flush to Rack

    Front-Rear Mounting
Flush to Rack
  4. Verify that the mounting screws on one side of the rack are aligned with the mounting screws on the opposite side and that the appliance is level.

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