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Verifying Configurations and Traffic from the Mac Mini CLI


To verify interface configurations, use the following CLI commands (refer to the CLI Command Reference Guide for more information):

Table 1: Verify interface configurations

CLI Mode & Command


JATP (diagnosis)# setupcheck all

Run a check of all system components

JATP (server)# show interface

Verify interface connectivity and status

JATP (server)# show ip <interface>

Verify traffic [example: show ip eth0]

JATP (server)# ping x.x.x.x

Ping connected devices.

JATP (server)# shutdown

Shutdown before moving a devices to a different location, or to perform server room maintenance etc

Note: Be sure to refer to the CLI Command Reference Guide for more information.

Special characters used in CLI parameters must be enclosed in double quotation marks.


A Secondary Core will be shown as down if it has not reported to the Juniper ATP Appliance Central Manager for longer than 25 minutes (in other words, 5 reporting cycles).