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Deploying the Active Directory Profile to SRX Series Devices


To deploy the active directory profile to SRX Series devices:

  1. Select Configure > User Firewall Management > Active Directory.

    The Active Directory Profile page appears.

  2. Select the active directory profile that you want to deploy, and click Update.

    The Update Active Directory Profile page appears. See Table 1 to view more details.

  3. Select the required SRX Series device to deploy the active directory profile, and click Update.

    A new job is created.

  4. Click the job ID to see the update status.

    The Job Management page appears showing the state of the updated job. You can also view the deployed active directory profile information under the Parameters column.

Table 1: Update Active Directory Profile Page Fields

Column Name


Device Name

Name of the SRX Series device.


The active directory profile configuration can be viewed in either CLI or XML by clicking View.

Configuration Status

Configuration status of the device. The different configuration states for a device are as follows:

  • Synchronizing—During the device update, the status is shown as Synchronizing.

  • Sync Failed—The synchronization operation failed.

  • In Sync—The synchronization operation completed successfully; Security Director and the device are synchronized.

Connection Status

Connection status of the device. The status shows either UP or Down.


Domain of the user.

Device IP

IP address of the device.


Platform of the device. For example, SRX Series, vSRX.

OS Version

Junos OS version running on the device.