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Viewing VPC or Projects Details


To view the complete details of a VPC or a project:

  1. Select Administration > Policy Enforcer > Connectors.

    The Connectors page appears.

  2. Select the connector you want to edit , and then click the pencil icon.

    The Edit Connector page appears displaying the same options that were used to create a new connector.

  3. In the Network Details section, get a detailed view by hovering over the VPC or project name and click the Detailed View icon before the VPC or project name.

    The Detailed View page appears, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Detailed View Page
    Detailed View Page

    Table 1 explains fields on the Detailed View page.

Table 1: Fields on the Detailed View Page




Specifies name of a VPC or project.

Secure Fabric

Specifies the site to which the VPC or project s allocated.


Specifies the connector type. For example, virtual network for Contrails and AvailabilityZone for AWS.

IPAM Subnet

Specifies the IP Address Management (IPAM) subnets allocated to the respective VPC or project.

Group Subnets

Specifies the group of subnets allocated to the VPC or project.

For Contrail, you will see a key value of Tier. For example, the group is called web and assigned subnet is x.x.x.x/xx. For AWS, you will see only the group of subnets.

For Contrail, they are still group of subnets. However, each of the subnets are allocated to a tag, for example, database, tier, application, and so on.