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Creating Extranet Devices


Use the Extranet devices page to manage the third-party devices that Junos Space does not directly control or manage. Extranet devices can be ScreenOS devices or other vendor VPN-capable firewall devices that cannot be managed by Security Director. Extranet devices in the Security Director help users design and manage VPNs residing between SRX Series devices and third-party devices without actually being connected to them.

Before you begin

  • Review the Extranet Devices main page for an understanding of your current data set. See Extranet Devices Main Page Fields for field descriptions

  • To avoid duplicate IP address while creating extranet devices, enable Prevent extranet device with duplicate content option for shared objects in Junos Space Network Management Platform. See Modifying Settings of Junos Space Applications.

    When you create an extranet device in Security Director with duplicate IP address, an error message is displayed.

To configure extranet devices:

  1. Select Configure> IPSec VPN > Extranet Devices.
  2. Click the plus sign (+) to create a new extranet device.

    Complete the configuration according to the guidelines provided in Table 1.

  3. Click OK to save.

Your changes are saved. A new extranet device is added to Security Director.

Table 1: Extranet Device Settings




Enter a name that begins with an alphanumeric character and can include colons, periods, slashes, and underscores, for a maximum length of 63 characters.


Enter a description for the extranet device; maximum length is 255 characters.

IP Address

Enter the IPv4/IPv6 address for the extranet device.


Enter a DNS resolvable name for the extranet device. This hostname is used to generate an IKE ID. The hostname can include alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores, for a maximum length of 255 characters.


Displays the name of the user who created the extranet device.

Domain Name

Displays the user domain for mapping objects and managing sections of a network.